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What is fulltime rving .Full-time rving is people who live in an RV 365 days of the year there is an estimate of over a million people living in RV's full time. There are different types of full-timers some who live in an rv park 12 months of the year and others who are what we call snowbirds who live in the northern states or Canada in the summer & travel to the warm climate in the winter like Arizona, California, Texas, Florida & many other southern states.

They could spend as much as 2 to 6 months down south & start heading back home when the weather gets warmer. Fulltiming is not for everyone it is a very nomadic lifestyle most of the time away from friends & family. You really have to commit to this lifestyle if you are married both have to commit to it as both of you will be on the road or situated in a park. Most of the people who live in a park do it for many reasons first maybe they use to go down south for the winter but due to health reasons can no longer afford the insurance or it has become too costly.

There are many types of RV's but the most popular seems to be 5th wheel or a class A motor home more on this topic later. Many people work while rving such as tutoring online, customer service rep, transcription services, working for the park you are staying in most parks want helpers who stay there are so many other jobs one can do on the road. the hardest part for me & my wife was leaving our material things behind. We rented our house out furnished for a couple of years to see if we would enjoy this lifestyle. To our amazement we really enjoyed it. It is a good thing we did this as my wife had a minor stroke which was not good for us but we still had the house.

That is when we decided to downsize which is not easy we had a lot of stuff or junk as I call it haha but not in front of my wife. Getting rid of all your stuff is not easy cause most of your children don't want it . If you decide to go full-time it might be also helpful if you are mechanically inclined cause you are sure bound to come across some repairs along the way I hope some of this has been helpful to you let me know what else I can help you with.

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