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Updated: Nov 26, 2021

There is really no one better than the other it is more a personal preference. So ultimately you should decide which model fits your lifestyle.


- Cost is more expensive when buying a diesel truck as compared to gas

- Deisel are more expensive to maintain than gas

-Fuel can also sometimes be harder to find than gas

- A diesel truck, as opposed to a gas same model, may cost as much as between 5 to

10.000 dollars more

- Reports say that diesel engines tend to be more durable than gas

- Diesel engines also have fewer components than gas engines, therefore, have less of a

chance of breakdowns.

- Most diesel engines require fewer repairs & maintenance services than gas engines which

represents an overall economic saving.

- Maximum towing capacity is the realm of the diesel pick-up.

- If you are planning towing trailers across town it can be done with a gas truck. But if you plan on going on long trips & over mountains, the diesel is preferred because of more torque

- Also a diesel engine has what we call an exhaust brake which really helps coming down a

the steep hill where you don't have to keep your foot on the brake helps save your brakes.

chance of breakdowns.


- It is cheaper to buy than diesel.

- Gas engines are also cheaper to maintain than diesel.

- In general gas engines are less polluting than a diesel engines.

- Gas trucks are generally better @ getting up to speed & passing other vehicles.

- It is easier to find fuel.

- Pulling around town or short trips a gas truck will do.

- A smoother ride can be had in a gas truck as opposed to diesel.

- Gas trucks are rated higher for payload capacity.

So I guess the most important aspect of buying a gas or diesel is how you are planning on using your vehicle if you plan on towing long hauls & mountain terrain then maybe a diesel if hauling in town may be a gas.

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