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Rving is a great life this is the first thing that my wife Anne & I that was on our bucket list when we retired was to go to Alaska. Not knowing anything about rving did not even know you had to have a special license to pull this huge RV, bought the RV then found out about the special license. This applies in' Canada, so to make it harder had to study for the course plus do practice pulling with the RV had to have a licensed driver with me plus still working construction.

Leaving in about 3 weeks was a go-go situation my wife booked me 3 road tests all over the place in case I failed one hahaha good for her but to my amazement, we passed the first time around was I scared plus very very nervous. So off we went did a little planning ahead for our stops during the day & night. My first time boarding the ferry was a real experience having a GPS on the truck plus having one in the passenger seat - boy I must have nerves of steel!  More on this later.  In the meantime;  check out some of my favorite RV-related products in my Amazon store.

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